The next meeting of the Forum will  take place at 7.30p.m on Thursday 4th January 2018 at the Function Room, Old White Hart, 45 Town Street, Beeston,Leeds,LS11 8BZ, The guest speaker will be Rt.Hon. Hilary Benn, Member of Parliament for Leeds Central 

TEMPORARY VENUE FOR FORUM MEETINGS - We are delighted to confirm that the Forum's meetings in August, September, October and December will be held at the Function Room, Old White Hart , 45 Town Street, Beeston,LS11 8BZ    

WELCOME TO THE WEBSITE OF THE BEESTON COMMUNITY FORUM . The Forum is a non- political, non sectarian organisation which campaigns on a wide range of issues on behalf of the residents of Beeston; a suburb of the City of Leeds. Please click on 'About Us' (to the left) to see how the Beeston Forum operates.  Our meetings are held at Beeston Village Community Centre, and generally take place at 7.30p.m on the first Thursday of each month. Please click on 'Our Meetings' to the left , to see details of the dates of our meetings and the details of any invited guest speakers (please note, however that the dates and speakers are subject to alteration). Our meetings are considered to be Partners and Community Together meetings by West Yorkshire Police. Members of the Neighbourhood Policing Team attend our meetings on a regular basis , and answer questions from, and are available for consultation by local residents.  

If you have any queries about the Beeston Forum and our website, please e mail me.

Robert Winfield
Secretary and Webmaster, Beeston Forum 


There are a number of vacant positions on the Committee. If you are interested or would like to know more, please e mail Robert Winfield 

ASPIRING COMMUNITIES PLANNING APPLICATION We have written to the Planning Inspectorate reaffirming our objections to this proposal. Please click on this to see our letter .

SECTION 106 FUNDS - Under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, contributions can be sought from developers towards the cost of providing community and social infrastructure, the need for which has arisen as a result of the development taking place. Tom Riordan , Chief Executive of Leeds City Council recently sent us this document setting out detail of section 106 payments resulting from recent planning applications in Beeston. It is the view of some members of the Forum that much of this money has been wasted , and sometimes used on projects outside Beeston. See this analysis from our Committee member, Bill Birch 

BEESTON NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN- The Beeston Neighbourhood Forum has been designated by Leeds City Council and is now fully operational. The Neighbourhood Forum now has the task of preparing a Neighbourhood Plan for Beeston. If the Neighbourhood Plan receives the support of local residents in a referendum, Leeds City Council will be required to consider the Neighbourhood Plan when determining all planning applications in Beeston. Please click here for the Neighbourhood Forum's website. Residents of Beeston , and individuals who work or carry on business in the Beeston Neighbourhood Area are strongly encouraged to join and become involved in the Neighbourhood Forum. Anyone wishing to get involved will need to e mail the Neighbourhood Forum, stating their residential address (if living in the  area) or work address , if working or carrying on business in the area .

PLANNING APPLICATION BY ASPIRING COMMUNITIES FOR THE FORMER ICE PAK FACTORY , BARKLY ROAD- The Beeston Forum is strongly opposed to the proposed development by Aspiring Communities and submitted an objection to the latest planning application (click to read) . Following the resubmission of various documents by Aspiring Communities we lodged a further objection (click to read). The Beeston Community Forum sent a Freedom of Information request to Leeds City Council seeking information relating to their action in withdrawing the Planning Application from consideration by the Plans Panel meeting on 6th August 2015. Leeds City Council's reply is here. They also sent us a 119 page document comprising various documents relating to this matter. This is here. The Forum's reply to these documents is here. We are also concerned that two members of the Steering Committee set up by Aspiring Communities in relation to the planning application are clearly identified as Police Officers on the Aspiring Communities website. We have raised our concerns about this with the Police. Please see here.  Aspiring Communities have now appealed to the Planning Inspectorate on the grounds of non-determination. Please click here to see our letter to Leeds City Council about this




















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