This page is to provide an archive which gives details of our previous activities and campaigns.

Please click here to see a letter to the Yorkshire Evening Post, which, we believe sums up our philosophy. 

The possible development of land in the area of Elland Road is still an important issue to many Beeston residents, particularly those living close to the area which may be affected. Please click on the links below to see a number of relevant documents.

Robert Winfield's notes of the consultation meeting about possible development on Saturday 2nd July 2007
Report of consultation process produced by FWA Consulting (full version)
Report of consultation process produced by FWA Consulting (summary)
Notes of the consultation meeting produced by FWA Consulting

Documents produced by FWA Consulting (who were appointed by Leeds City Council to carry out the consultation process) have been published on the website of the Beeston Community Forum with their kind consent.

During 2008 , the Forum campaigned, sadly unsuccessfully, against the closure of three Post Offices in Beeston. We believe that in taking this decision, Post Office Limited completely ignored public opinion. Please click on this link to see the explanation given by the Post Office for the closures. We are confident that readers will agree with our view that the consultation process is inadequate. In addition, despite the fact that the Post Office seemed to be supporting efforts by Essex County Council to save Post Offices in Essex threatened with closure (please click on this link), Leeds City Council believes that the Post Office obstructed efforts to set up a similar scheme in Leeds (please click on this link). The Beeston Forum wrote to the Post Office about this apparent inequality of treatment between Essex and Leeds (please see link below). Please see below the letters sent by the Beeston Forum in relation to the closures. 
Formal letter of objection
Letter to the Yorkshire Evening Post
Letter to Rt. Hon Hilary Benn M.P.
Letter to Councillor Andrew Carter

Letter to Councillor Richard Brett 

Letter to Councillor Keith Wakefield 

Letter to Pat McFadden M.P.

Template letter for objectors to sign and send
Further letter of objection sent after the Forum General Meeting on 5th June 2008 
Letter to Pat McFadden M.P. concerning the salaries paid to senior Post Office Executives 
Letter to Department of Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform explaining that a number of points in their reply to us are not relevant to Beeston
Letter to the Post Office asking why they appear to be treating Leeds less favourably than Essex with regard to local authority schemes to save Post Offices threatened with closure 
Letter to the Post Office expressing our belief that the consultation process was inadequate

Beeston Forum members  also joined in the Beeston Campaign Against Post Office Closures. This organisation held a public meeting on 22nd July 2008 at Cross Flatts School. Pauline Johnson, a member of the Beeston Forum Committee made a speech, which was later published as a letter by the Yorkshire Evening Post. Please click on this link to read the speech

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