Our Committee member, Greg Turton  raised the issue of a possible Neighbourhood Plan for Beeston at the Committee meeting on 21st March 2013. The following Committee meeting voted to invite Ian Mackay, the Neighbourhood Planning Officer for Leeds City Council, to attend the Committee meeting on 20th June 2013. Greg Turton was appointed as the Co-ordinator for the Neighbourhood Plan.Following the discussion with Mr Mackay, the Forum, at its meeting on 4th July 2013 passed the following resolution

It is proposed that the Beeston Community Forum will sponsor the drafting of a Beeston Neighbourhood Plan.  To this end, it will make arrangements to put in place a neighbourhood forum and determine the area relating to the plan.The neighbourhood forum will then proceed to write the Plan in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act of 2011.

The Forum supports a Neighbourhood Plan because there have been a number of major planning applications in and around Beeston, and the Forum felt that the local community has relatively little power to influence events which could have a significant impact on the everyday lives of residents.

The Committee voted at its meeting on 18th July to set up a subgroup which will act as the Steering Committee for the Neighbourhood Plan. The subgroup originally consisted of of Greg Turton, Richard Bell, Mark Parry and Noor Zaman; however, the Beeston Forum Committee passed a resolution to expand the membership of the subgroup so as to include the entire membership of the Beeston Forum Committee at its meeting on 20th March 2014

A Neighbourhood Plan  is defined in the Localism Act 2011, and is a new right giving local communities the power to prepare a plan. This is a community plan prepared by the Community and subject to independent examination and a referendum. If the plan is voted for in the referendum, it is adopted by the local council as a statutory development plan. The council has a legal obligation to use it to decide planning applications. A Neighbourhood Plan can determine planning matters as well as non planning issues. A Neighbourhood Plan can be set up by a Neighbourhood Forum, which  must consist of a minimum of 21 members , who may live, work or carry on business in the area. The Neighbourhood Forum would determine areas to be addressed , such as housing , retail, employment and skills. Membership of a Neighbourhood Forum must be open to all. Local councillors would be invited to attend. The neighbourhood plan must serve a named area.The neighbourhood plan must be consistent with the City’s core strategy and cannot contradict it. A Neighbourhood Forum requires a constitution setting out aims and objectives, defining voting and non voting members, laying down the frequency of meetings , dealing with issues such as officers and the holding of elections for officers. The constitution would also deal with matters such as whether the Neighbourhood Forum remains in existence after the adoption of the plan, so that it continues to monitor the plan, or dissolves. The Neighbourhood Plan is adopted if a majority vote for the plan in the referendum. The turnout in the referendum is not relevant.

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