The Beeston Community Forum has held a number of discussions as to whether it would be appropriate to set up a Parish Council in Beeston. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages which must be considered. A Parish Council would be a statutory consultee on important matters concerning local residents such as planning.  Parish Councils also have the authority to impose Council Tax to finance the services which they provide to local residents. The City of Leeds already has 31 Parish Councils, the great majority of which serve towns and villages which were incorporated into the City of Leeds in the 1974 Local Government Reoganisation. In order to establish a Parish Council, a petition of 10% of the local residents of the intended Parish Area is required; it is considered desirable to have a higher number of signatures in order to give a clearer demonstration of public support. A Parish Council for Beeston would therefore need the support of just over 1000 residents. The May 2009 Beeston Forum General Meeting voted to establish a steering committee to campaign for a Parish Council; this currently comprises Mr Bill Birch, Mr Robert Winfield, Mr Richard Bell and Mr Greg Turton. Although there is strong support for the principle of a Parish Council, there have been suggestions that as a result of the current economic climate, this is not the right time to introduce a Parish Council. Neverthless, if you have any questions, or would like to become involved, please e mail Robert Winfield  

Local Residents will need to consider a number of points for and against the establishment of a Parish Council. Click on the links below to view the websites of established Parish Councils and to look at some of the issues involved.  

                                    LEEDS PARISH COUNCILS

                                                Alwoodley Parish Council

                                                Barwick in Elmet and Scholes Parish Council

                                                Boston Spa Parish Council                                               

                                                Clifford Parish Council

                                                Gildersome Parish Council

                                                Horsforth Town Council

                                                Morley Town Council

                                                Otley Town Council

                                                Shadwell Parish Council

Please note that it is possible for a Parish Council to assume the title Town Council. As you will see above, a number of councils serving towns which have been incorporated into the City of Leeds have assumed the title Town Council


The largest Parish Council in the country is Weston Super Mare Town Council. Please click on this link to the Council's website

                                OTHER DOCUMENTS ABOUT PARISH COUNCILS

Please click here to see the note of the contribution to the August 2008 meeting by Councillor Leonard Fineberg (Chairman, Alwoodley Parish Council) and Mr Bill Gillatt (Deputy Head, Leeds City Council Electoral Services)


Please click here to see the full note of the Forum meeting in February 2009 which voted in favour of the principle of a Parish Council for Beeston 

Robert Winfield's personal views about the possible establishment of a Parish Council in Beeston


National Association of Local Councils 'Create a Council'- useful advice as to how to set up a Parish Council

Christine Thornton's Powerpoint presentation about Parish Councils to the February 2009 Forum meeting  

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